Rent guaranteed with our managed landlord service

Your rent, on time, every month, regardless of whether the tenant pays with our managed landlord service

Managed Landlord Service Penarth Cardiff

This hassle free service includes everything in our fully managed service, plus the peace of mind that your rent will be paid on time, every month whilst the Tenant is occupying the property – we’ll pay even if the Tenant does not.

This service also covers your legal expenses of up to £50,000 to pursue your legal rights to gain vacant possession of the property. We will cover your legal costs relating to unauthorised occupation by anyone other than the Tenant (squatting) and any additional legal costs following an event arising from the letting of the property which leads to you being prosecuted in a criminal court.

Once vacant possession has been obtained, we will pay 50% of the rental value for a maximum of 2 months to allow you sufficient time to find a new tenant.

Terms and Conditions apply. For more information on our rent guarantee service, please contact us.

An overview

The benefits of our rent guaranteed service


Rent is guaranteed, every month

We will pay your rent – even if the tenant does not


We cover your legal expenses

Up to £50,000 to persue your legal right to gain vacant posession of the property.


Once vacant, we'll pay 50%*

Once the property is vacant we will pay 50% of the rental value for the first two months

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