Preparing your house for sale – our top tips

This week the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has released figures showing a soaring demand for properties across the UK.

The good news is that more first time buyers are able to get access to mortgages, bringing their dreams of owning a property closer. In England this has been attributed to the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme, expected to be available in Wales by the end of the year. The figures also show the number of prospective buyers far out-strips the number of properties.

For those people who have been holding out for the right time to sell their home, things are looking up. However, even in a growing housing market it is important to make your house stand out and look its best. Here are our tips for preparing your house for those all important viewings.

Think objectively

This has been your home for a number of years. You have made many treasured memories here and everything in it is your own. However those little personal touches of decoration that you love, may not stir the same feelings in the hearts of prospective buyers. Take a step back and imagine the house from someone else’s perspective.

Think about the details that would impress or disappoint you if you were in the buyer’s position. Then tackle those details right away.


Family portraits and treasured possessions may mean a lot to you but prospective buyers will want to imagine themselves in the property. Clear away distractions to let their imaginations run wild.

It can be liberating to clear out your belongings before a house move so start thinking about what you really want to keep. If you still have too many belongings cluttering up your room but don’t want to dispose of them permanently, then think about renting some storage or ask friends and family to hold on to them for a while.

Spring clean

Once you have made the decision to put your home on the market, start cleaning. Clean like you’ve never cleaned before. Make it a truly thorough, deep clean and tackle areas you wouldn’t normally consider a priority.

Eliminate odours – especially those from cigarette smoke and pets. Use baking powder in the fridge to absorb bad smells and open the windows to air out your house.

Clear the cobwebs, dust the skirting boards, clean the windows (inside and out) and polish mirrors, dust light fixtures and furniture. Don’t leave anything untouched.

Do this the once and it will be much easier to keep on top of the cleaning ahead of viewings with prospective buyers. You will also appreciate it yourself when it comes to the big move.

Finish the odd jobs!

We’ve all done it, ignored and forgotten about that creaky floor board or little chip in the paint. Being in the same house day after day, you stop paying attention to the little details and focus on the act of living. As a home owner these may be quirks you’ve learned to live with but for a buyer these may hint towards larger and more expensive jobs.

Replace that light bulb, finish painting that wall and don’t let the sale of your home be hampered by simple little things that you’ve stopped paying attention to.

Kerb appeal

You can do all of the above but it is pointless if you can’t get buyers past the front door. Keep your garden neat, mow the lawn if necessary and where possible remove or tidy any bins.

If your property is in a visible location with passing traffic, then take advantage of this by making your house stand out from the neighbours.

Whether you put your home up for sale in Cardiff, Penarth or Barry, you need to make sure it stands out and we hope these tips help you to get the best possible sale on your home.