Information for Current Tenants

Paying your rent

Your rent must be paid by Standing Order only. Please ensure that you use a reference, such as the rented property address and /or your name. Your rent should leave your account at least 3 days before your rent due date as it will take 3 days to reach us. Please remember to cancel your standing order after your final months’ rent has been paid, we cannot do this for you.

Reporting Maintenance:

You can either contact us by telephone 029 20 41 51 61 or email

Please give the location and specific details of the problem e.g. “shower broken” doesn’t give enough detail, is water coming out of the shower? Is it hot? Is it the shower head that is broken?

What am I expected to do if:

I misplace my keys

We may be able to loan you a spare set if this is during office hours, please contact the office to check for key availability. If it is outside of office hours, keys cannot be provided. We suggest that you find alternative overnight accommodation until the office opens or contact a locksmith to allow you entry to the property. This will be at your own cost.

I smell gas

Call the National Grid on 0800 111 999 (this is a 24 hour emergency line) and switch off the gas at the gas meter. The National Grid (formerly Transco) will come to your property and make it safe.

I notice water leaking

Please inform us immediately of any leaks.

Leak from a copper water pipe or tap:

  • Turn the water stop tap off – normally found under the kitchen sink/ under stairs/ cellar
  • Turn on the kitchen taps to drain the water from the tank.

Leak from the ceiling from bathroom above:

  • Don’t switch on the ceiling light below the bathroom
  • Catch the water in buckets.

Leak from a washing machine:

  • Switch the machine off.

If the leak is coming from the water supply into the appliance, turn the red & blue plastic taps behind to the off position.

Leak from the roof

  • Catch the water in a bucket.

Water coming in from the basement

  • Call Welsh Water on 0800 281 432

The electricity has gone off

  • Check if your neighbours have electric. If they have, go to your fuse-box and re-set any switches which have tripped to “off.” This video shows you how to reset your trip switches

  • If the fuse keeps tripping, switch off all the fuses, go and unplug some electrical appliances such as kettles, irons and washing machines. You should then be able to re-set the fuse-box.
  • If the fuse box is on, but there is no electric, please call Western Power Distribution on 0800 6783 105

The boiler isn’t firing up

  • Check the pressure gauge and pilot light. If you have a combi-boiler (instant hot water & heating from the same boiler) please check that the pressure gauge is between 1 and 1.5.
  • If the pressure is below 1, open the tap or valve on the flexible loop pipe below the boiler. You will hear the water rushing into the central heating pipe.
  • Close the tap after a few seconds and re-check the gauge. This video also shows you how to re-pressurise a combi boiler

  • If your boiler is an older model, follow the instructions on the boiler flap to re-start the pilot light. If you cannot do this, please contact us on 029 20 41 51 61 for further details

What is an emergency?

An emergency situation is when the incident is dangerous, life threatening or may result in personal injury or serious deterioration of the property. If you have an emergency situation, please always advise us immediately. If this is out of office hours, you will be given instructions when you telephone us on 029 20 41 51 61.