How to sell your home

Selling a house and moving addresses can be one of the most stressful things you can do. Today, people’s lives are generally busier and the time and effort it takes to choose an estate agent, negotiate a selling price, organise viewings and keep up to date with progress can be a real nuisance. How can you make the process simpler and make your home look attractive to potential buyers? Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ease the pain of selling your home.

Here are our top 5 tips on selling a property.

  1. Choose a reputable estate agent

Invite several agents to your property to assess it and give a no obligation valuation, so you can get a fair assessment of an asking price.  Estate agents may value differently; however the selling price is usually similar between different agents.  Examine the value of similar houses for sale in your area, in addition to the selling prices of sold properties, so you have an idea of your property price range. Do some research into estate agents’ experience.  For instance, have they sold properties like yours before?  Do they have good reviews? Are their agents experienced?  How do they showcase properties? These are all crucial factors to consider when deciding on your estate agent as they handle everything from advertising your home to organising viewings, so choose wisely.

2. Make your house look good

It’s important that your house looks its best during the estate agent’s assessment and viewings. Having a clutter-free, clean home is crucial as first impressions count. Make sure to complete any DIY projects and that general maintenance is up to date, for example some rooms may need a lick of paint to give them a fresh look. Some buyers like to know the house they’re viewing is completely ready to move into, so it can only help if everything is ship-shape.

3. Good photography

You’ve tidied your home and taken the time to brighten it up with a new coat of paint, so there’s nothing worse than receiving your property spec sheet and finding it looks dull in the pictures. Photography can make a big difference to the interest in your home and it’s often what potential buyers base their bookings on. Therefore, it may be worth investing in a professional photographer or photographing your home yourself. This way you can approve or change what you think is necessary before spec sheets are printed.

4. Should you be present during viewings?

It is your decision whether you prefer to be available during viewings, but it’s always worth checking with your estate agent if you’re unsure. The agent should always manage the viewing and it is helpful for you to be there should there be any questions from the buyer. If you decide to be present during viewings, shine a positive light on your home but don’t over exaggerate. Have utility bills and guarantees handy, don’t be too sensitive about faults or decor choice – everyone has different tastes.  Most of all relax and let the viewers take their time.

5. Organise yourself

Any delays in the selling process could result in your buyer backing out of the deal. Slowing down the procedure may give them an opportunity to look elsewhere. The best way to avoid this is to make sure everything your end is organised.  The fastest way to manage the sale of your property is to hire a conveyance solicitor to act on your behalf. This way the sale should be swift and stress-free.



So whether you’re selling a Penarth or Cardiff Bay based property, we hope these tips will help you. Good luck!