The legislation that introduced landlord and agent registration and licensing came into force on the 23 November 2015 and allowed one year for compliance.

The enforcement powers within the legislation have now been activated. This means that Rent Smart Wales and its Local Authority partners across Wales can now take action. Failure to comply with the legislation is now an offence.

Landlords who are not involved in setting up tenancies and managing their rental properties do not need a licence; however, they must use a licensed letting agent and register as a landlord. The registration fee is £33.50 for online applications.

Letting agents and Landlords who are involved in the day to day management of residential rental properties in Wales are required to complete a training course and obtain a licence to continue the management of a rental property in Wales. The landlord licence fee is £144 for online applications, plus the cost of the training course.

If you have not yet complied with the legislation by either registering and licensing as a landlord, or registering and using a licensed managing agent, you should not delay any further. Please visit https://www.rentsmart.gov.wales/en/landlord/ for more information. If you have already registered but you are unsure if your current managing agent is licensed, you can check the register here https://www.rentsmart.gov.wales/en/check-register/

Please note that there are several consequences of not complying with this legislation. These include:

  • Fixed Penalty Notices
  • Rent Repayment Orders
  • Rent Stopping Orders
  • Criminal Prosecutions and Fines
  • Unable to serve a Section 21 notice for possession of the property until full compliance with the legislation is achieved.

If you have anRSW Approved course logoy questions regarding Rent Smart Wales registration and licensing, please contact us at acj@acjproperties.com

or telephone 029 20 41 51 61