For many who make the decision to rent, there can be an ongoing struggle with limitations set by landlords on what you can (and can’t) do with the property’s décor to make it into a real home. Here are five tips on how to make your rental property feel like a personal haven with your own stamp.


Get Gardening

If you are lucky enough to rent a property with a garden, be sure to utilise this valuable space to create a homely atmosphere. If you’re limited in terms of what you are allowed to do and change, invest in some simple potted plants or window boxes and plant flowers ready for the summer. When the seasons start to change and you spend more time outdoors, you’ll be grateful you put the work in! You can even easily grow your own herbs and vegetables to save money at the supermarket till.

Refresh the furniture

shutterstock_88166716A lot of rental properties come furnished, which is great if your landlord is tasteful, however not all tenants are lucky in that department. Replacing the furniture can be costly, so why not invest in materials to refresh your existing furniture? There are a wide variety of throws available for sofas and chairs in most high street stores. A throw combined with colourful cushions can quickly help you add comfort and personality to your lounge. Getting your hands on new tablecloths can also help to hide tired tables.


Temporary wallpaper and wall stickers
There is nothing less homely than blank white walls and although landlords are often against you painting them or redecorating, there has been a rise in the popularity of temporary wallpaper and wall stickers. Affordable and easy to use, they are the perfect way to customise your rooms and remove them when you decide it’s time to move on.


shutterstock_28225909Lighting is the perfect way to create a cosy ambience in your property. Although you may not be able to fit spotlights or change their positioning in the ceilings, various lampshades can alter the brightness of every room and lower wattage bulbs are now available. Fairy lights can also add a cosy and intimate mood to any room, as can bedside lighting.




Rugs and Curtains

It’s very common for rental properties to have the occasional dull curtain, blind or carpet. Simply add some drapes to cover existing blinds or curtains, and to add warmth to your rooms. Similarly, you may be stuck with a worn out carpet in a colour you don’t like; the best solution is to invest in decorative rugs to draw the attention from what’s below and onto the rugs instead. Get creative with textures; faux fur rugs are often popular as they instantly provide comfort for your feet and a homely feel.

We hope that these tips will help you get creative in your rental property, and allow you to add your own personal twist to each room. Even if you only plan to stay there for a year or so, it will make all the difference to your sense of wellbeing if you feel comfortable and at home. Time to get scouring interior mags for inspiration and hit the shops!