Maintaining your home is an important part of being a good tenant. Short-term cleaning solutions, carried out regularly require minimal effort but help you look after your property in Cardiff and the Vale, and will keep your landlord happy.

We’ve put together our favourite tips on how you can keep your rental home in spotless condition using everyday items.

Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite

Vacuum cleaners are not only great for cleaning the carpets – they can also easily prevent dust mites caused from a build up of dead skin cells. When changing your bedding, vacuum your mattress at the same time, to help you sleep that little bit easier at night.

All that sparkles

Limescale can be a difficult issue to tackle, especially when it has built up over a long period. To dissolve limescale and keep your loo looking as good as new, simply put flat cola in the toilet bowl and leave for 24 hours to remove all stains.

Wake up and smell the coffee

Although a full fridge sounds great, if anything is going to put you off eating, it’s unwanted odours from smelly or leftover food.. To deodorize it, place a bowl of dry coffee grounds on the bottom shelf.

Clean & clear carpets

Many rental properties have neutral décor to appeal to tenants. However, cream and beige carpets can easily be stained, which can instantly make your rental property look tired and dated.

This can easily be fixed by products sitting in your kitchen cupboard – simply apply white vinegar to carpets to remove stains. For a deeper clean, add baking soda to the white vinegar and wait for it to foam. This will absorb tough stains, leaving your carpets clean and stain free.

Frugal fabric freshness

Keeping your home fresh doesn’t have to be a costly process. To instantly add a fresh scent fill one quarter of a spray bottle with fabric freshener and then top up with water to create a multi-use air freshener that can be used on sofas, curtains and bedding. Get spraying!

Judging a book by its cover

Keeping your house clean on the outside is just as important as keeping it clean on the inside. After all, this is the first thing your guests and landlord will see. Keeping your windows clean ensures that your home looks inviting and cared-for. Simply use warm soapy water to clean windows, using as little soap as possible to prevent any window paint from being stripped away. Remember: to avoid streaking, don’t wash windows in direct sunlight.

Whether you’ve got a house to rent in Barry or a property to rent in Cardiff Bay, we hope these tips help you keep your home looking its best with minimal effort required. Get in touch and tell us about your cleaning tips!